Vampire Academy (novel)

Vampire Academy is the first book in the Vampire Academy series by the American author Richelle Mead. It was listed on the list of Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. It was also recommended by booklist,, and VOYA. Vampire Academy was also voted number 4 after Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid on ALA's teens top ten.[1] The Vampire Academy series was also one of the New York Times Bestseller top ten in the children's books series division.[2]

This book chronicles the life of 17 year old Rosemarie Hathaway, commonly known as Rose, a dhampir and her Moroi best friend Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir after being brought back to their school "St Vladimir's Academy" after being on the run for two years.
Guardian in training Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway and Moroi princess Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir are brought back to their school, St. Vladimir's Academy after running away two years previously. On returning, Guardian Dimitri Belikov, who was the leader of the team of guardians sent to retrieve the two, is assigned to be Lissa's guardian. He offers to mentor Rose in her guardian training as he feels she has potential and with training can make up for the years she has lost. He also believes Rose can be an excellent guardian to Lissa due to the presence of a rare one-sided psychic bond to Lissa which allows her to know the latter's emotions, thoughts, and whereabouts. Rose agrees, knowing this is the only way she will be allowed to remain, and on graduation be Lissa's guardian to whom she is fiercely protective. Though they soon fall into the academy life, they find that Lissa has lost her social standing among the other Moroi royals owing to her running away. They decide to keep company with Lissa's "cousin" Natalie Dashkov, who is the daughter of sick and dying Victor Dashkov. On the very first day back they find that another Moroi student, Mia Rinaldi, who is dating Lissa's ex-boyfriend Aaron, holds a grudge against Lissa (and by default Rose). Mia finds every opportunity to insult Lissa and is in turn insulted and threatened by Rose.

Lissa finds a friend, Christian Ozera, much to the ire of the ever protective Rose. Christian's parents had turned Strigoi (undead vampires) of their own will for immortality and had been killed by guardians. Rose mistrusts Christian because of his family history, also it is implied that she is jealous of Lissa's interest in him. Rose, in turn, starts falling for Dimitri. Things start getting worse when Lissa finds dead animals in her room along with threatening letters. Lissa starts going into depression and engages in self mutilation. It is revealed that though she has not specialized in any elemental magic (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth), she has a miraculous ability to heal, which was witnessed by Rose and their teacher Ms. Karp two years back. Rose finds out that this gift is shared by Ms. Karp, who is then taken to a mental institution. They find out that Lissa has affinity for Spirit, that might just be dangerous for her and Rose. This incident along with her increasing depression was what had caused Rose to run away with Lissa. While attending Sunday service, Rose hears that the Moroi saint St. Vladimir could heal people, and suffered from some form of depression. Also, he was protected by his loyal companion the "shadow kissed" Anna with whom he shared a bond. On returning from a shopping trip with Lissa, Victor, and Natalie, Rose has an accident and on waking up deduces from what Dimitri tells her (that she had a miraculous recovery) that Lissa had healed her. She reaches into her bond and finds that Lissa is lying on the attic of the Church bleeding from self-inflicted cuts. Her reporting this incident causes a slight break in their friendship.

Somehow discovering this, Mia insults Lissa, calling her unstable, causing Rose to punch her and break her nose. Though unable to follow her owing to being detained by teachers and guardians, Rose reaches through her bond while in her room and finds that Lissa is being kidnapped by some guardians who assault Christian when he tries to save her. She tries to go and warn Dimitri and instead ends up nearly having sex with him. They stop when Dimitri unclasps a locket gifted by Victor from her neck and he manages to throw it away. It is later revealed that Victor had charmed the locket with a lust charm which causes people to act on already existing attraction, letting go of inhibitions. Through the bond Rose finds out that Victor is the one who kidnapped Lissa and plans to use her to heal his genetic disease. He reveals that Natalie was the one who left the animals in Lissa's room to see her heal them after accidentally catching her doing so. He also reveals that Lissa had specialized in the rare fifth element Spirit, and that her bringing back Rose from the dead after the accident was what caused them to have a bond. Using Spirit is what was causing Lissa's depression. Though Lissa heals Victor for the time being, the school guardians are able to reach the place and rescue her. On returning, Victor convinces Natalie to turn Strigoi by killing while feeding and gets her to break him free. She injures Rose who was visiting Victor, but is killed by Dimitri. Dimitri reveals that he too feels for Rose but cannot have a relationship with her because of their age difference and because he won't be able to guard Lissa wholeheartedly if she is near him.
Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway - Rose is the seventeen-year-old, half-vampire half-human (Dhampir) protagonist of the Vampire Academy series and is best friends with Princess Lissa Dragomir. She has a one-sided connection (bond) to Lissa, allowing her to read Lissa's thoughts, sense her feelings and see through her eyes. Sarcastic and quick-witted, Rose is training to become Lissa's Guardian and fiercely protective of her. Rose has semi-exotic desert-princess features: big dark eyes, dark brown hair, and lightly tanned skin. She is 5'7 with an athletic but curvy figure (which is envied by the slim Moroi girls). Rose is usually impulsive and believes in physical combat rather than talk.

Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir - A seventeen year old Moroi princess and Rose Hathaway's best friend. Lissa is the last vampire in the Dragomir royal line, giving her the title "Princess". Her family died in a car accident when she was fifteen. Lissa is described as angel-like, with long, platinum blond hair and jade green eyes, and having the typical slim Moroi build that makes her look like a runway model. Before she left the Academy, she was in a relationship with Aaron, who Mia Rinaldi started dating after Lissa left. Lissa is usually perceptive and reasonable (due to her using compulsion), managing to think things through which Rose has never been able to do. She is also a very compassionate individual, knowing and wanting to help in the pain of others.

Dimitri Belikov - He is a well respected twenty four year old Dhampir of Russian origin, from Siberia, assigned to be Lissa's Guardian along with Rose. Dimitri has a Russian accent, and likes old western novels. He is described to be about 6'7; has brown eyes, chin length hair dark brown hair, and tanned skin. He is sometimes described as a 'God', referring to his reputation as one of the most 'badass' Guardians around. He offers to mentor and train Rose after their return to the academy. He is described as serious and dedicated and slightly non-social, preferring the company of his western novels rather than socializing.

Christian Ozera - He is an outcast because his parents willingly became Strigoi. He's a royal Moroi who holds radical ideas about fighting against Strigoi. He specializes in Fire magic. His physical appearance is described to be tall with black hair and crystal-blue eyes. He takes an interest in Lissa which is returned, and they begin dating by the end of the book.

Mason Ashford - a Dhampir who is one of Rose's best friends, and also a novice Guardian like her. He is interested in her romantically, but Rose prefers to see him as a friend though they flirt.

Mia Rinaldi - A non-royal Moroi who's element is Water. Mia holds a grudge against Lissa (and by default, Rose). The reason is found out near the middle of the book. She is described as having chubby cheeks and curly blond hair that makes her look very young and almost doll-like.

Victor Dashkov - A royal Moroi with Sandovsky's Disease. He is Natalie's father and was a dear friend of Lissa's father. Due to his disease, he does not have a chance of ever becoming king of the Moroi. He was an individual highly respected and liked by Lissa, until he kidnaps her and uses her to treat his illness. He is captured and imprisoned for his actions.

Natalie Dashkov - A royal Moroi with jet-black hair and jade green eyes. She is very awkward among other royals and is known for talking a lot. She turns Strigoi later in the book, only to be killed by Dimitri.


Frostbite is a vampire novel written by Richelle Mead.[1] It is the second novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Vampire Academy.[2] Frostbitecontinues the story of the main character, Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway including her bond with Vasilisa, her budding romance with her instructor Dimitri, and her education in becoming a Guardian.
The story begins with Rose and Dimitri traveling to meet the legendary guardian Arthur Schoenberg for Rose's Qualifier Exam. Once they arrive at the home of the Moroi family he protects, they discover a bloody massacre of the entire family and their guardians, including Arthur. Rose also discovers a silver stake, a magical device which Strigoi cannot touch, meaning the Strigoi must have had human assistance in their attack. The massacre puts the vampire community on high alert. To keep the students at St. Vladimir's Academy safe, a ski trip to a lodge owned by a wealthy Moroi family is required right after Christmas.

During the ski trip, panic sets in when news of another Strigoi attack on a royal Moroi family spreads, where one of the dead was Mia's mother. During her stay at the lodge, Rose meets a Moroi named Adrian Ivashkov, who shows obvious interest in Rose, and later becomes friendly with Lissa after they both discover they are Spirit users. During Adrian's pool party, Mason, his friend Eddie, and Mia begin voicing their opinions about hunting Strigoi. After a heated argument with Dimitri, Rose tells Mason confidential information about the possible whereabouts of the Strigoi's hideouts. Using Rose's information, Mia, Mason, and Eddie sneak out of the ski lodge and travel to Spokane, Washington, to hunt down the Strigoi themselves. Rose discovers their plan, and she and Christian run out to stop them.

Rose and Christian find the group and convince them to return to the lodge. However, they are ambushed by Strigoi, who hold them captive for days, threatening to kill them. Rose eventually comes up with a plan to escape, and they all manage to get out of the house into the protection of the light, except Rose, who is left fighting two Strigoi. Mason is killed when he returns and attempts to help Rose. Rose then kills both of the Strigoi by beheading them, and collapses into shock, just as Guardians arrive. Once back at St. Vladimir's, Rose receives two molnija marks for her Strigoi kills. Dimitri also tells her that he turned down Tasha's offer to become her guardian, admitting that his heart is with Rose.

Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss is a vampire novel written by Richelle Mead. It is the third novel in the Vampire Academy series, and was preceded by Frostbite.[1] The release of the book pushed the Vampire Academy series into the New York Times Best Seller list for the first time, making its debut at #4
Rose, still in shock over Mason's death, prepares with the rest of the novices for the Qualifying Exam in which the novices protect the Moroi students from "attacks" by "Strigoi" (their Dhampir teachers). Rose is positive that she will be paired with Lissa, but instead is paired with Christian Ozera, while Eddie Castile (Mason's best friend) is paired with Lissa. Rose complains to her teachers, but ultimately resigns herself to guarding Christian. During the first attack on Christian, Rose sees Mason's ghost and freezes - and is accused of being a sore loser by her teachers. In a sudden twist, Christian is the only person who truly believes that Rose didn't screw up on purpose.

Meanwhile, Rose learns from Dimitri that Victor Dashkov's trial is coming soon - and that she and Lissa aren't going to be called to testify. She begs Dimitri to find a way to get them into the trial, and he promises to see what he can do. Adrian and Lissa are growing closer (in a teacher-student sense) to each other while practicing their Spirit use, making Christian jealous. After Rose settles a fight between Lissa and Christian, she begins to sense changes in herself - mainly feelings of intense anger (even more than is usual). Christian is also approached by Jesse Zeklos to join a secret "club" he and Ralf have started, though Christian turns them down. Rose gets suspicious, and starts trying to learn more about this club, which she later learns is called "Mana".

Although Dimitri tries to get Rose and Lissa into court to testify, it is ultimately Adrian who gains them entry. On the plane ride to Court, Rose is struck with a horrible migraine, but shakes it off as they arrive at Court; Dimitri and Alberta accompany Rose, Lissa, Christian, Eddie, and Adrian. Dimitri and Rose go to visit Victor in jail, who is as maddeningly pleasant as ever, and threatens to reveal what really happened between Dimitri and Rose the night he kidnapped Lissa. Dimitri threatens to have him killed in jail, but Victor taunts them with his knowledge. The day of the trial, Victor does reveal that Rose and Dimitri almost slept together, but everyone in the courtroom automatically believe this to be another one of Victor's lies. He is sent to prison by the court. Lissa meets with Queen Tatiana to discuss her future; she agrees to go to a college close to Court, and voices her opinion on Moroi fighting with Dhamphirs. Rose goes in to meet with Tatiana next - who insists that Rose stop sleeping with Adrian and call off their "engagement". Rose is stunned, and listens to Tatiana call her everything but a whore. Tatiana then reveals that she has been planning a marriage between Adrian and Lissa, and that they don't need to be carrying any of her "emotional baggage" around with them.

Rose shrugs off the queen's accusations and meets up with Lissa, lying to her about her conversation with the queen. Lissa takes Rose for a pedicure, where Rose is treated by a young man, Ambrose, who turns out to be a Dhamphir and the queen's blood whore. He takes Lissa and Rose to a fortune teller, who gives Rose a rather boring reading. Dimitri finds them and agrees to have his fortune read. The fortune teller predicts that Dimitri will "lose that which he treasures most".

On the plane ride back to the Academy, Rose gets another horrible migraine, this time drawing the attention of Alberta and Dimitri. When they are forced to make an unscheduled stop at a human airport to refuel during a snow storm, Rose's migraine becomes much worse, and when she steps off the plane, she sees the ghosts of Lissa's parents and brother, along with many others. When she comes to, she is in the infirmary back at the Academy. Rose is finally forced to come clean about seeing Mason's ghost, and she is ordered to see a counselor. Her "guardian time" with Christian is also limited. While back at school, her temper still increases, though she does successfully defeat Dimitri as a "Strigoi" while guarding Christian. Lissa is approached by Jesse and Ralf to join Mana, and she accepts their invitation as a chance to spy on them, without Rose's knowing. Lissa is led into the woods and attacked by Jesse and the other magic users. Rose senses something is terribly wrong and runs to Lissa's aid. She beats Lissa's torturers – fellow students — and Lissa tortures Jesse using Spirit. Rose realizes that whenever Lissa uses Spirit, dark emotions fill Lissa — which caused her to cut herself in the first book — and tells Lissa to let the dark emotion flow through their connection and into Rose - which is what has been causing Rose's mood swings and violent behavior. Lissa obeys, and Rose suddenly begins beating Jesse fiercely. Alberta and Dimitri appear, and Alberta has several guards take Jesse away, while ordering Dimitri to handle Rose, who is still in a manic state.

Dimitri takes Rose to an old cabin that Tasha Ozera stayed in when she visited the Academy. Rose attempts to run to the infirmary, where she knows they would take Jesse, but Dimitri subdues her and forces her to let go of her anger. She collapses, terrified that she is going crazy. Dimitri listens to Rose's explanation and insists that he won't let Rose go crazy. They have sex, and start to head back to the school, when they are attacked by a Strigoi. Dimitri sends Rose back to the school to warn the guardians, while he stays behind to hold off the Strigoi. The guardians react quickly and send Rose back to her dormitory, where she and the other novices are told to stay put. Rose is sent to guard a small window, where she is finally given a silver stake. She senses immense fear from Lissa, and learns that Christian is in the church, where he was supposed to meet Lissa to talk about Jesse and Mana. Eddie and several other novices are guarding Lissa and the other Moroi, so Rose sneaks out the small window to go after Christian. She and Christian rush to the elementary school, where there would be much less security, and combine Rose's fighting skills and Strigoi sense with Christian's Fire magic to destroy many Strigoi. After the battle, Rose learns that this is one of the biggest groups of Strigoi - who are typically loners - to ever attack any Moroi or Dhamphirs. Along with many dead guardians and Moroi, several Dhamphirs and Moroi were captured by the retreating Strigoi — including Eddie. Rose's mother, Janine, comes to the aid of the guardians with reinforcements, and with Mason's help, Rose figures out where the Strigoi are holding the hostages. Before they leave, Dimitri tells Rose that he is going to ask to be placed with a different Moroi close to Court, so that he and Rose can be together.

Janine, Dimitri, and Rose plan a counterattack, and reluctantly enlist the help of other Dhamphir novices and, surprisingly, several Moroi teachers to harness their power as a weapon. When the army reaches the caves the Strigoi are hiding in, Rose is forced to stay outside while Janine and Dimitri lead the attack inside. Once all the hostages are out, Rose goes into the caves to assist the retreat. Just as she thinks everyone she loves is safe, Dimitri is attacked and left behind as Janine forces Rose out of the caves.

Rose later finds out that Dimitri's body wasn't found when another team of guardians went back into the caves the next day, confirming that Dimitri was not killed, but was made Strigoi. Rose realizes that the fortune teller's prediction came true: Dimitri lost "that which he cherished most" - not herself, as Rose believed, but his soul. Rose decides to leave the Academy to go after Dimitri and kill him. After she files the necessary papers, Lissa meets her just before she leaves and reveals that she figured out Rose was in love with Dimitri. Lissa begs Rose to stay, even tries to use compulsion on her, but Rose snaps and tells Lissa that all her life she's been told that Lissa comes first. Rose says that she needs to do something for herself for once. Rose asks Adrian for money, which he willingly gives to her, and asks her if she will come back. Rose says she will eventually, and tells Adrian that she will give him a chance - go out with him - when she comes back. As she leaves the Academy, Rose says good bye to Mason, then heads off to Siberia, where she believes Dimitri would go first; back to his home.

Blood Promise

Blood Promise is the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.[1] Previously in the series, the main character, Rose, and her true love Dimitri made a pact that if either of them were turned into strigoi, the other would kill them rather than let them roam as an evil vampire. Blood Promise follows Rose's emotional struggle as she travels to Russia to hunt down Dimitri and fulfill this promise.

Blood Promise's opening week sales put the Vampire Academy series on the New York Times list for children's series, making its best rank to date at #2, just behind the dominant Twilight series
In Blood Promise, Rose leaves St. Vladimir's Academy to go after Dimitri, who has become Strigoi. The only clue she has though is that he is somewhere in Siberia. After a meeting with an alchemist named Sydney, they travel to Siberia, where she eventually finds Dimitri’s family in the small town of Baia. While in Baia, she meets another "Shadow-Kissed" bonded pair, Oksana and Mark, and a mysterious Moroi man named Abe, who tries to force her to go back to St. Vladimir's. He eventually coerces her into leaving, and Rose agrees after a falling out with Dimitri's sister Viktoria. She then travels to Novosibirsk with other unpromised guardians to stake out Strigoi in the hopes of finding Dimitri. When she does meet him, she is too stunned by his Strigoi appearance to attempt to kill him, and ends up being held hostage by him. He refuses to kill her, and instead, says he will keep her until she decides to turn Strigoi to be with him.

All the while, Rose keeps checking up with Lissa back at St. Vladimir's through the bond. Avery, a secret Spirit user, has been using compulsion to control Lissa. During a visit to Lissa's head, Rose gets pushed out by Avery. While held hostage by Dimitri, who has been feeding off her and thus weakening her, Rose eventually manages to escape, grabbing a stake on the way out. Dimitri catches up with her, and they eventually battle on a bridge, where Rose manages to plunge her stake into his chest.

Exhausted, Rose ends up at the place of an alchemist friend of Sydney's, where Oksana, Mark, and Abe are waiting. When she wakes up, she realizes Lissa is in danger with Avery, who wants to kill Lissa and then heal her back so that Lissa would be "shadow-kissed" and bonded to Avery. With help from Oksana, Rose manages to guide Lissa and Adrian through the fight against Avery and her brother, Reed, and Avery's guardian Simon. After saving Lissa, Rose asks Oksana and Mark whether there is a way a Strigoi can be restored to their former selves. Reluctantly, they tell her of a Spirit user they knew named Robert Doru, who claimed to have restored a Strigoi back to life. However, only Victor Dashkov, his half-brother, would have any idea where he currently was. Realizing the situation was hopeless due to the fact that she already staked Dimitri, Rose goes back to St. Vladimir's Academy.

Back at St. Vladimir's Rose reunites with Lissa and shares what happened to her in Russia. Rose's mother, Janine, is also there, and reveals to Rose that Abe is actually her father. After agreeing to re-enroll in school to graduate, Rose goes back to her normal life at St. Vladmir's. However, she soon receives a package from Russia, enclosed with the stake she used on Dimitri, and a note from him saying he was not really staked properly, and was still alive, waiting for Rose to finish school to find her. Rose realizes that with Dimitri still a Strigoi, she has a chance to restore him to his former life, but only by finding Robert Doru.

Spirit Bound (novel)

The book begins with Rose taking her guardian trials, enabling her to leave St. Vladimir's Academy as a qualified guardian. After passing her trials with flying colors and receiving her promise mark, Rose - along with Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Eddie and the other dhampir graduates - head to the Royal Court to begin life outside of the academy. Rose and Adrian are currently attempting a relationship after she promised him she would give him a shot after she got back from Russia in Blood Promise. However, after learning that there is a way Dimitri can be saved from being a Strigoi, Rose sets off on a mission with Lissa to break Victor Dashkov out from prison when she learns that only he can help them to find out how to turn Dimitri back into a Dhampir. After successfully freeing Victor with the help of Eddie and Lissa, they head to Las Vegas to find Victor's illegitimate brother, Robert Doru. As a Spirit user who supposedly turned a Strigoi back into a Dhampir, Robert tells them that the only way to save Dimitri is to charm a silver stake with Spirit and stab him in the heart. However, it has to be a Spirit user who does the staking. While in Las Vegas, the gang meets up with Adrian, who has tracked Rose down via credit card records. While leaving a casino, they encounter a large group of Strigoi, lead by none other than Dimitri. Rose prevents Eddie from killing Dimitri because she knows there is a chance to save him. The gang narrowly escapes into the sun, leaving Dimitri to kill a bunch of humans and losing track of Victor and Robert in the process.

Once back at the court, Rose is chastised for running off with Lissa again and her hopes of becoming Lissa's guardian diminish further. She is punished by the guardians at court and is stopped from accompanying Lissa to her college visit to Lehigh. Instead, Lissa travels with Christian, her two appointed guardians, and Priscilla Voda, the queen's best friend. While at the visit, Christian and Lissa's assigned guardians, Serena and Grant, try to teach Lissa how to use a stake. Lissa is determined she can bring Dimitri back, so she tries to learn as much as possible about staking a Strigoi. After dinner at the college, the whole group is attacked once more by Strigoi. Lissa and Christian are kidnapped by Dimitri to be used as bait to get Rose to come to him, knowing that Rose can use their bond to find her. Rose and an army of the court's guardians head off to save Lissa and Christian and a fight erupts with the Strigoi. In the fight, Lissa attempts to stake Dimitri, with Christian's fire distracting Dimitri long enough for Lissa to get at his heart. After a number of failed attempts, she finally nails him in the heart with a stake she had finally managed to charm with Spirit's healing powers. In a blinding light Dimitri falls to the floor weeping, now a Dhampir once more.

Rose is hurried away from the scene and Dimitri is taken back to court where he is kept locked up. People are unsure as to how safe he is and doubt whether he is actually a Dhampir again. He refuses to let Rose in to see him because of his guilt for the way he treated her when he was Strigoi. Rose is hurt by this and persistently tries to get into to see him. Eventually she gets Mikhail's help and is given access to the holding cells. Dimitri then tells Rose, "I've given up on you. Love fades. Mine has." He brokenly explains that because of the time he spent as a Strigoi, he is no longer able to love or to be loved by anyone because he feels he doesn't deserve it for what he did. Rose leaves heartbroken but not believing that things are over between them.

Meanwhile, the Royal Council and Queen Tatiana had been debating over a mysterious subject. It turns out they had voted to change the graduation age for Dhampirs from 18 to 16, meaning they would be sent out to fight at a younger age. This motion created many controversies and arguments. Rose doesn't stop herself from speaking her mind, threatening the queen in front of everyone and then being dragged out by guardians. Later, Adrian visits Rose in her room and she decides to really give it a go between them. Rose and Adrian very nearly sleep together until they realize they have no protection. Instead, Rose lets Adrian drink her blood. The next day, Rose bumps into Dimitri and starts to talk with him in a cafe. Suddenly, the Royal Guards burst in to arrest Rose. Dimitri defends Rose, proving that he still has strong feelings for her. Before he can get into trouble, Rose stops him and leaves willingly with the guards. It turns out that Rose is being accused of murdering Queen Tatiana. She is given a hearing which will decide whether she goes to trial or not. Her father, Abe, arrives unexpectedly and declares he will be Rose's representative in court, even though he is most definitely not a lawyer. After the hearing, Rose is being escorted back to her cell, and as she does, she is handed a note from Ambrose. The note is written from Queen Tatiana herself before she died. In the note, Tatiana realizes she is in danger and gives Rose information to use in case something happens to her. She reveals that Lissa's father had an illegitimate child, meaning that Lissa might not be the last Dragomir, and with a sibling, would be able to gain a seat at the Royal Council. At the end of the book, Abe and Rose have a conversation: "They don't even send royal traitors to prison, Rose. They execute traitors."

Last Sacrifice (novel)

The novel begins with Rose in her prison cell contemplating her the charges brought against her, and occasionally using the bond to slip into Lissa's mind to view goings-on in Court. During Queen Tatiana’s funeral, statues outside the church suddenly blow up, causing chaos, and making distractions for the guardians. Rose is soon broken out of prison by Mikhail, Eddie, Adrian, Abe, and Dimitri. Dimitri takes Rose out of Court and they drive for hours until they reach Sydney, who is also aiding in the escape. They continue traveling until reaching West Virginia, where Rose discovers she is to be kept in a motel until her friends back at Court can clear her name. However, she insists on leaving and helping herself, but after Dimitri catches her escaping, she convinces him and Sydney to look for Lissa’s half-sibling. For safety, Sydney takes them to the Keepers, a strange group of Moroi, Dhampirs, and humans. Later, they find out the sole person who holds the information needed to find Lissa’s sibling: Sonya Karp, now a Strigoi. The Dashkov brothers invade Rose’s dreams and they later meet up with her at Ms. Karp’s house in Kentucky, where Robert changes her back into a Moroi by stabbing her heart with a spirit-infused stake. After recovering from the shock of being restored, Sonya leads them to Jill Mastrano’s house in Michigan, who is revealed to be the illegitimate child of Eric Dragomir. Not long after they arrived, Guardians raid the Mastrano house, forcing the characters to scatter and flee again, and creating the opportunity for Victor and Robert to kidnap Jill. Using her spirit abilities, Sonya is able to locate where the brothers are hiding Jill and relays the information to Rose. Upon questioning, Sonya also reveals to Rose that her and Dimitri’s auras shine extraordinarily bright when they are around each other, which shows they are in love. This further confuses Rose about Dimitri's true feelings for her.

Back at Court, Lissa, Christian and Adrian try looking for Tatiana's murderer, and discover unsettling information about the Queen, her lover Ambrose, and Adrian's own mother, Daniella. While at Court, Lissa is in the running for Queen, despite being ineligible without a quorum. The process involves taking a series of tests to prove she is worthy of the throne, and after she passes, there is a huge debate among the Moroi if she can actually be queen.

Rose, Dimitri, and Sonya quickly find Victor and Robert and fight them to get Jill back. Rose battles with Victor, and in a Spirit induced rage, she inadvertently kills him. She becomes distraught as the group heads to a hotel to recover. In one of the rooms, Dimitri attempts to comfort her and tells her not to blame herself. He admits he loves her and regrets losing her, but refuses to take another man’s girlfriend. Rose tells him she only belongs to herself, and she chooses Dimitri. The two embrace and have sex again, and Rose makes the decision to break up with Adrian when she sees him in person and not in one of his Spirit dreams. She tells Dimitri after they make love that in order for them to have a relationship, he must first forgive himself for the guilt he carries over his time as a Strigoi. That evening, the four leave to meet up with Mikhail near Court, Adrian comes along and witnesses a kiss between Dimitri and Rose. More pressing matters are at hand as they head back to Court, Mikhail and Rose having just gotten information from Sydney and the Alchemists confirming who the killer is.

Back at Court and in front of the Council and assembled Moroi, Rose presents Jill as part of the Dragomir bloodline needed for Lissa to be Queen. Then she reveals to all that Tasha is the one who killed the queen, as she hated Tatiana's policies. Rose also silently notices that Tasha has longed for Dimitri the entire time, which is why Tasha framed Rose for the murder. As guardians attempt to take in Tasha, she grabs a gun and holds Mia hostage. Lissa hurries forward in an attempt to compel her to stop, but Tasha ends up shooting towards Lissa. Rose jumps in front of Lissa and takes the hit in her chest. Her final glimpse is of Lissa and Dimitri standing over her as she blacks out. A few days later, she awakens in a palace room with Dimitri by her side. He joyfully tells her that they have both received full pardons and their guardian statuses again—she is one of Lissa’s guardians and he is Christian’s. Both are finally able to be open about their relationship. When Lissa visits Rose, she realizes they are no longer bonded. They speculate that because Rose was at the brink of death and healed herself without the help of Spirit, the bond was negated. Lissa also won the Royal elections, thanks to Jill being part of her bloodline and making her eligible. Adrian visits Rose and confronts her on why their relationship failed; Adrian blames it on Rose's constant yearning for Dimitri but Rose tells him it’s both that and the fact that they are so different and he depends on her too much. Rose spends the remainder of her convalescence healing and being with Dimitri.

The series ends with Lissa’s coronation. As she is crowned the new queen, Lissa shares a humorous look with Rose in the crowd. Rose, embracing Dimitri and feeling happier than ever with his love and Lissa's triumph, tells him she thinks that the future will be good.